Safer, Faster, More Cost Effective Disinfection

Adding gallons of spray chemicals to workplaces is expensive, unsustainable, and dangerous for custodians and employees. The cost and time to disinfect is preventing businesses from keeping their workplaces safe, sufficiently disinfecting spaces, and preventing them from funding mission-based needs. 

It takes just a few minutes for Ultraviolet Light to deactivate 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses. This proven, safer, cost-effective solution provides both continuous and on-demand disinfection against bacteria, mold, and viruses for over 20 years. Integrated controls make it more cost-effective and safer. This results in a solution that definitively disinfects entire rooms in under five minutes.


UVC Adoption Soars


Market Garden Brewery

“Every night multiple guests come up to me and say, ‘Hey thank you for doing that. We feel better being here.”


“These technologies show great promise in controlling the spread of airborne viruses.”


The Science Behind UVC

Decades of research from institutions like Harvard Medical and Columbia Medical have proven that UVC technology works on disinfection for nearly all pathogens and viruses. Countless studies have shown UVC works. This technology has been around since the 30s (utilized then to combat smallpox and mumps), and is currently in use in places like schools, hospitals, restaurants, airports, offices, and retail.


Workplace Disinfection Cost Comparison

The savings start immediately. With a typical business spending, conservatively, more than $100 per area per day on cleaning and disinfection, UVC Disinfection is cost-effective from day one, with payback periods in weeks, not months. Better than simply cleaning, this is true sanitization. UVC Lamps provide more than 20 years of disinfection power, and cost $1.50 per year to operate.

Costs Over First Year

UVC Disinfection

  • 1 Meeting Room
  • 8 Disinfections per Day
  • 5 Minutes per disinfection
  • 180 Work Days

Manual Disinfection

  • 1 Meeting Room
  • 2 Disinfections per Day
  • 30 Minutes per disinfection
  • 180 Work Days

Costs Over Twenty Years

UVC Disinfection

  • 1 Meeting Room
  • 8 Disinfections per Day
  • 5 Minutes per disinfection
  • 180 Work Days

Manual Disinfection

  • 1 Meeting Room
  • 2 Disinfections per Day
  • 30 Minutes per disinfection
  • 180 Work Days

The 45-Day UVC Implementation Process

Certified engineers create UV designs and layouts to highly-specific disinfection levels to maximize effectiveness and safety.



24-48 hours

Solution designs can be completed within 48 hours based off of building floor plans. Advanced software provides accurate disinfecting levels and per-room time calculations.



4-6 weeks

UVC disinfecting lights are installed per design parameters with controls based on your unique disinfecting schedule. Programmed disinfection and occupancy sensors ensure the safety of all staff and visitors.


Sustainable Disinfection

Day 45

Experience maximum levels of disinfection with scheduling and optimization while Elevant remains available for all support needs.



Rapid Deployment in Your Area

We have increased products in stock and provide national installation teams to satisfy demand and implement workplace wide solutions within 45 days. Enter your email and workplace address to get an implementation timeline. 

“We have strived in the past to see this highly effective, very safe technology fully implemented for airborne infections. We’ve done the studies. We know it works.”

– Dr. Edward Nardell, Harvard Medical School


Superior Disinfection

Our 254nm UVC lamps deactivate 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses with just 5 minutes of exposure.


Safer than Sprays

Chemical sprays and bleaches can cause respiratory illness.



With an annual operating cost of just $48 for your entire building, UVC is up to 99% less costly than chemical-based disinfection.


Backed by Research

In use for more than 90 years, research has proven UVC disinfection to be incredibly effective against viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants.



Rooms can be routinely disinfected between every meeting, every time, in under 5 minutes. 


Surface and Air

UVC disinfection is effective against pathogens living on surfaces as well as pathogens living in the air.


Superior Surface Disinfection

A long-term solution capable of providing deep air and surface disinfection. Traditional cleaning methods are, often, not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene. Automatically disinfect when rooms become unoccupied and receive reports on cleaning schedules.


Continuous Air Disinfection for Rooms and Common Areas

Deep air disinfection in any workplace environment. Able to disinfect the air of a room 24 hours a day, without any contraindications.

“Upper-air GUV is the safest, most effective application of UV.” IES Committee Report: Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV)

HVAC Disinfection with UVC

Breathe Easier with HVAC Disinfection

Easy to install, with mounting kits that are adaptable to any existing HVAC system. Improves building-wide air quality with UVC disinfection designed to kill viruses and bacteria.

Verified Safety:
Air Quality Monitoring

Provide visual comfort to occupants with air quality monitoring. Our Sensors are excellent indicators of overall air quality and humidity levels. A recent study suggested that enhancing indoor air quality (IAQ) could be as effective in reducing aerosol transmission of an illness as vaccinating 50-60% of the population against it.

Smarter Air Quality

Real-time air quality monitoring provides data verification of Indoor Air Quality.

Highly Advanced Sensors

Capable of detecting CO2 levels, humidity, temperature, particulate matter and VOCs.

Validated Disinfection Efforts

With 50% of all illnesses caused by polluted indoor air, it's never been more important to prove how clean your building now is.


Keep Your Workplace Safe and Healthy with Confidence

UVC lights are safer, faster, and more effective than traditional cleaning methods. To learn more about how this could apply to your business, fill out our Rapid 6-Field Form, and within 48 hours our designers will provide you with an informative cost assessment.

Proven to be safe, advanced design software enables us to accurately install lamps to highly-specific disinfection levels within targeted timeframes.

For an even greater level of accuracy, provide us with a floor plan of your building.

Design Estimates in 48 Hours


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