Are there new financial incentives and programs becoming available for you?

Our Education Consultants identify applicable programs and incentives, handle all of the paperwork and administrative processes so you don’t have to. We present a complimentary ROI comparison against your current costs and provide unbiased insight into the feasibility of our solutions.

For example: The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Stability (CARES) Act created a tax incentive for upgrades to existing, non-residential buildings. The incentive, known as “accelerated” or “bonus” depreciation, allows you to write off 100% of certain facility upgrades in the first year of the project. In the past, that depreciation had to be spread out over 39 years, which lowered tax savings dramatically.

We realize you may have questions about the CARES Act tax incentive:

  • What types of buildings qualify?
  • What types of upgrades qualify?
  • How much could you save?

Please fill in your information and we will route you to an Elevant representative in your region to help you answer these questions and take advantage of the CARES Act incentive. We will also keep you informed as our researchers identify new funding programs applicable to you that become available in the future. 

Do you qualify for a major
new tax incentive?

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