Safely Reopen, and Stay Open for Good

Our workplaces are essential to our communities, livelihoods and our future. Business closures due to the coronavirus pandemic are causing significant damage to employees and the economy. Executives and employees are facing seemingly impossible decisions, confronting the negative impacts of businesses staying home or going into workplaces. We can no longer evaluate which is more damaging: we must figure out how to safely reopen our businesses, and keep them open. 

Elevant has partnered with businesses and local health officials to provide responsive solutions capable of solving the most critical challenges facing workplaces. By using a holistic approach, we’re capable of helping all (even financially distressed) businesses adopt solutions that allow them to reopen and stay open.


Safer Workplaces with Sustainable Solutions

No one said it’d be easy; taking on the biggest challenges facing the workplace in 100 years. There are no silver bullets – but businesses have already proven to be able to safely reopen (and stay open) with a holistic approach using Elevant solutions. We’re installing powerful spread prevention tools and implementing the most reliable and proven means of eliminating contaminants.

We’re providing businesses with an affordable path forward with Four Health and Safety Solutions that can be used standalone or together, providing greater effectiveness and enhanced accuracy when integrated.

Sustainable Disinfection

99.99% effective against SARS-CoV-2, bacteria, and molds on surfaces and in the air at much lower costs than manual disinfection methods.

Access Management and Policy Compliance

Rapidly communicate policy updates, while keeping occupants safer with health screening, Access Management and Occupancy Management.

Anonymous Contact Tracing

Securely trace contact history without disclosing personal information. Laser precision helps you stay open.

Incident Response

Confidently respond to critical incidents such as positive tests with effective communications to executives, staff and response teams.

The CDC guidelines dictate levels of cleaning that are unsustainable for workplaces: entering the room, cleaning with soap and water, drying the surface, applying disinfectant, letting the chemicals sit for 10 minutes, wiping down, and then moving on to the next room. And they recommend that process for every time room occupancy changes. The current method is time-consuming, expensive, and leads to the overuse of toxic chemicals. 

Based on peer-reviewed research, it takes just a few minutes for Ultraviolet Light to kill 99.99% of coronaviruses on surfaces and in the air. This proven, safer, cost-effective solution lasts 20 years, providing both continuous and on-demand disinfection against bacteria, mold, and viruses.

CDC guidelines require businesses to make decisions that take into account the community level of transmission. Access Management ensures that staff and visitors entering your building have been properly screened for symptoms. Once inside the building, occupancy management software provides alerts when thresholds are exceeded and even helps enforce social distancing.

Utilize software designed to screen visitors before they enter your location. Visitors check-in, self assess and review location policies and procedures. Location managers monitor access, receive alerts, set policies and run reports, helping keep locations protected and free from external risk.

Paper contact tracing records can lead to workplace shutdowns, even in the case of just one positive test. The CDC guidelines state businesses need to develop a plan with state and local health departments to conduct case tracing in the event of a positive case. Keeping workplaces open requires the granularity only generated by digital contact tracing.

Instantly trace contact history for positive and symptomatic individuals, without disclosing personal information. Hyper-accurate, FERPA-compliant contact tracing is essential for businesses to satisfy requirements and remain open. We offer in-building and workplace-wide solutions that can be used standalone or combined for industry leading accuracy.

To reopen safely, the CDC says businesses must develop a proactive plan for when staff members test positive for COVID-19. For businesses already over-burdened by workplace health threats and safety incidents, COVID-19 has pushed businesses beyond their limits.

Build trust, save time, and contain infection rates with automated triage and step-by-step protocol management. Effectively respond to positive tests and safety concerns with integrated communications between executives, staff, response teams and health care providers. 

How do I pay for this?

Our Business Consultants identify relevant solutions, applicable programs, and incentives, handle all of the paperwork and administrative processes so you don’t have to. We also present a complimentary ROI comparison against your current costs and provide unbiased insight into the feasibility of our solutions.

Many businesses are under tremendous financial strain due to the ongoing pandemic. Lack of funding, donations, and declining employment have created financial uncertainty in all sectors of business. At Elevant, we’re not only answering the questions on how to reopen safely, but also answering how you can pay for it. We’ve created financial programs by leveraging public and private funding sources, tax incentives, grants, and other programs to provide the funding required for our Business Health and Safety solutions. 

Furthermore, we keep you informed as our researchers identify new funding programs that become available in the future. 

For example, one program example is the QIP deduction provided in the 2020 CARES Act. When you invest in building upgrades — e.g., installing UVC lighting — you get a tax deduction for the project costs. Building upgrades are called qualified improvement properties (QIPs). In the past, this QIP deduction was taken over a 39-year period, resulting in a 2.5 percent write-off each year. 

That’s now changed. The 2020 CARES Act allows a full deduction of project costs in a single year, with no limit on the size of the project. That creates huge savings. 

Discover how we can help you take advantage of financial incentives

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Download the White Paper: A COVID-19 Response Strategy that Pays For Itself

In this white paper we provide a playbook for how energy and operating savings from building technology can fund the safety requirements for building re-entry throughout a pandemic. We walk you through a cash flow positive approach that fosters the safety of your building and its occupants.


Your Solution Designed in Under 48 Hours

Elevant is recognized as a leader in the design and implementation of Safe and Healthy Building Solutions nationwide. Certified engineers design solutions precisely to clients’ needs, based on numerous scientific studies and our years of specific experience in environmental disinfection. In response to high demand, we have increased stocked products and scaled our nationwide installation and onboarding teams to support new geographies. 

UVC Disinfection designs can be turned around in 48 hours. With an engaged client, implementations can be completed in just 45 days, providing you with a safe, resilient workplace. 

Access ManagementAnonymous Contact Tracing, and Incident Response solutions can be purchased and implemented in less than two weeks. More than 100,000 users in Denver Public Schools were successfully onboarded on to our Access Management solution in just 10 days.

All solutions are certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and are registered with the FDA and EPA.


Providing the Only Holistic Solution in the Market

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